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Rocks Push   

The Rocks Push is a range of stylish mens swim shorts and mens swimwear to be worn on and off the beach.
Made from the lightest quick drying fabric and tailored to fit well and feel great, these swim shorts have the performance needed on the beach and the style wanted on the street.
Every pair of swim shorts includes smart accessories to make spontaneous summer living easy; a waterproof wallet that slips in the back pocket to keep valuables like phones and keys dry while in the water, and a waterproof beach shorts bag for carrying wet swim shorts.

The four styles are cut differently to suit different shapes but every style is adjustable (big wave diving is safe), the branding is subtle and the colours take you from swimming at the beach to lounging at the bar.
If you're looking for mens swimwear that looks great, fits well and works on and off the beach, click on any pair of swim shorts above to see more.

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