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"New Generation Lomography" was born when two esoteric Austrian art students, Wolfgang Stranzinger and Matthias Fiegl, stumbled across a second-hand Lomo in a Prague junk shop. Capitalising on the camera's origins, the pair took shots in true spy style; shooting from the hip, in haphazard directions, to capture their surroundings in a manner that rebelled against the logic of traditional camera composition. The inspired technology of the seemingly humble camera captured moody shots, which boasted obscure light effects against vibrant colour and movement. The pair was hooked immediately and started spreading the word. The pursuit of an artistic endeavour for the masses that revolved around capturing your environment in the here and now took off. Soon students from all over Vienna were becoming obsessed with the spy style that is Lomography. Lomos began appearing as installations at raves, becoming a colourful and crazy way for youth culture to define themselves and their surroundings. And so, the Lomographic revolution began.