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Hamam-ist is all about creating beautiful Turkish towels of the highest quality, using natural fibres and hand looming. An everyday luxury.
why are these towels so special?

Hamam-ist Turkish towels are luxurious hand loomed flat woven towels that:
are light weight, compact and fast drying
absorb water as quickly as standard towels
are natural and eco friendly as they take up less space in your washing machine
easily fit in your beach bag or travel bag
look great worn ‘sarong style’ poolside
are perfect for using at the spa or gym
make a unique and beautiful gift
Hamam-ist Turkish towels are hand loomed in the same villages that they have been made in for centuries. This means that every item is slightly different and unique

a bit of history...

Turkish hamam towels were, and still are, the traditional attire worn at the Hamam or Turkish Bath. The history of hamams and Turkish towels is a rich one. Hamams were influenced by the Roman ‘thermae’ and Byzantine baths and reached their peak during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.
The ritual at the hamam involves bathers relaxing in a very warm room before splashing themselves with cool water. After performing a full body wash and receiving a massage, bathers finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of relaxation.
Today you can see Turkish towels are on the Mediterranean beaches of Turkey, in designer bathrooms and luxurious day spas.