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FB Frescobol   

Frescobol, the Brazilian paddleball beach sport dating back to the 1940s, looks a bit like ping-pong without the table. The bats look slightly similar, the ball  somewhat bigger.

But for those serious about their beach presence, the bat makes the difference. Frescobol cool happens when you play with the FB Collection one-of-a-kind wooden bats inspired by Copacabana beach culture and hand-crafted luxury yachts, and fire-branded with the FB logo.
Each bat is hand crafted and given the utmost level of personal attention.

There are various stages of craftsmanship and each must be carried out meticulously. We collect small remnants of wood, left over from the production of furniture from other marceneiro workshops. From these pieces we carefully select the most classic and beautiful. Each bat is then sculpted and finished with FB branding. Finally, we varnish the bats with a special resin to resist sun, sea and sand.

We use local Brazilian woods such as Ipe, Masaranduba and Cedro, all of which are certificado, coming from officially registered sources, thus passing the highest levels of sustainability and ethical requirements.

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